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A toaster is one of the basic appliances you can find in the kitchen. Its main use is for cooking and toasting bread and other bread-based products. Toasters are actually very convenient for people who have hectic morning schedules and have barely a time for cooking or preparing a decent meal before going to school or to work. It takes only a few moments to heat up and toast the bread, pair it with a good cup of hot coffee and you are good to go. Over the years, different models and designs of toasters have been introduced in the market. It can be pretty tough to choose the best toaster 2015. Our kitchen experts outlined a list of features that one should look for when choosing a toaster.



  1. Capacity

The most efficient toasters can produce evenly-toasted bread in a matter of seconds. Aside from that, the greater the capacity and the faster its toasting process, the better. Most toasters come in two-slice capacity. There also are toaster models which can toast 4 slices of bread at once. If you opt to feed the entire family and you’ve got to rush breakfast, four-slice toasters would be the most practical model to buy.


  1. Toaster Materials

Toaster may be made of various materials. The most commonly used are stainless steel, chrome, and high quality plastic derivatives. Toasters made of stainless steel with plastic accents prove to be more durable and compatible with the usual color coordination in the kitchen. It is easy to maintain its cleanliness, especially since fingerprints are barely noticeable on plastic materials. The best toasters of 2015 exhibit durability and performance and the right materials have everything to do with that.


Our Top Picks – Comparison Table


ProductSizePriceOur ratingBest Price on:

Breville BTA820XL

2 slice$$$$A+


KitchenAid KMT423OB

4 slice$$$B+


Cuisinart CPT-2000

2 slice$$$B+


Cuisinart CPT-435

4 slice$$B


Waring Commercial WCT704

4 slice$$$$B



  1. Timing

People have different preferences with regards to the degree of toasting for their bread. Aside from that, different types of bread exhibit different browning properties. An excellent toaster must have a browning setting that will allow people to adjust their browning settings to achieve the degree of toasting they want.


  1. Heating element

The heating element defines the performance of the toaster. A good heating element allows the toaster to heat up in a matter of seconds from activation and be able to cook the bread evenly from the sides and top to bottom.


  1. Space saving

Size and capacity may contradict but there actually are models that have a smart design to achieve an economical size while maximizing the toaster’s capacity. It’s all about the slot width and the strategic placement of the control panel. You should be able to save a lot of countertop space and not cram all your kitchenware on your counter.


  1. Safety

Safety is of course a big deal. A good toaster comes with a safety instruction manual which a user can refer to in order to avoid any accident. A toaster is an electronic device so it must have some safety features such as covered heating elements, a long cord with a cord storage compartment, and a cool-to-touch surface.


The Toaster is one of the common appliances that can be seen in a regular household kitchen. It is really a convenient machine that makes every breakfast less hectic. Over the years, better and better models of toaster are being introduced on the market. Now, there are hundreds of choices available. That being said, choosing a toaster model may not be as easy as it sounds. Things like capacity, materials, power, and efficiency must be considered.  Fortunately, our home appliances experts have laid out five of the best toaster 2015 models for you to choose from.


Breville BTA820XL Die-Cast Smart Toaster


For those who are concerned with toasting performance as much as style, the Breville Die-cast Smart Toaster is the perfect choice. This is a 2-slice toaster with a small frame for a limited countertop space. Its auto-lowering feature allows faster toasting time. The display indicates the time left for the toasting cycle. The controls are designed to be flexible enough for the user to be able to adjust the browning of the pastry according to their preference.

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KitchenAid KMT423OB 4 Slice Digital Motorized Toaster


2A household with a busy breakfast kitchen would do well with a 4 slice toaster model. Cooking 4 slices of bread at the same time makes for less toasting time for the whole family. That way, nobody has to be late for school or work. Automatic lowering and raising features makes this toaster even more convenient.  The digital progress bar for count down indicates the time left for the toasting cycle. It functions really well and looks better.

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Cuisinart CPT-2000 2-Slice Long Slot Motorized Toaster


3One characteristic of the best toasters 2015 is versatility. The Cuisinart CPT-2000 is designed to cook not just sliced breads but bagels and waffles as well. The housing is well-insulated so as to prevent the user from getting burned. This 2-slice toaster works really great without occupying too much space. With a very light touch, the bread can be lowered down or lift up easily. There is a LED countdown feature and buttons for cancel and defrost functions.

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Cuisinart CPT-435 Countdown Stainless Steel Toaster


4Cuisinart has put up great home appliances over the years, and the Countdown Stainless Steel toaster is one of them. This 4-slice toaster is both efficient and stylish. Some units may have gotten feedback for uneven toasting but the machine works great in general. There are 7 browning settings to easily achieve the desired toasting result. It is very easy to keep track of the remaining toasting time with the LCD countdown bar.

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Waring Commercial WCT704 Light Duty 4-Slice Toaster


5In the toaster reviews 2015, the Waring Commercial WCT704 4-slice toaster received quite a few 5-star ratings. The durable chrome plated steel construction is intended to prevent corrosion as well as a good sense of style. For a 4-slice toaster, the WCT704 occupies minimum space. This is the ideal toaster for thickly-sliced bread and bagels. The easy touch control works for Defrost, Cancel, and Reheat functions. It is both easy to operate and clean.

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