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Risk Groups for Contracting Hepatitis

Hepatitis C is a bloodborne disease. The current available research shows that 60% of those people that test positive can be traced to the known ways of coming in contact with infected blood.

There are several groups which are known to be at risk for contracting Hepatitis C:

Anyone who has had a blood transfusion or received blood products before 1993

Those who share needles for IV drug use

Health care workers who may come into contact with infected needles or blood

Policemen, Prison Guards, Firemen and Emergency Medical Teams exposed to infected blood

Anyone getting tattoos, or body piercing with infected needles

Sharing infected personal items that could harbor Hepatitis C blood, such as toothbrushes, razors, nail clippers etc.

Anyone who perform ritual acts that involve drinking human blood

Anyone who has had a blood transfusion in another country

Since there are still 40% of Hepatitis C patients who are uncertain how they contract the disease, caution should be used when living with a person who tests positive.

Never come in direct contact with an infected persons blood. Use caution during menstruation with a woman who tests positive for HCV.

Right now, there is a growing concern that we are unsure of all the ways of transmission. Therefore, always use caution.

Whatever Happened to Black and White?

In the 1950s, the film industry began abandoning black and white for color, the competition of television being the primary cause for this nearly wholesale conversion. With people having an “entertainment box” in their own homes, movie producers had to come up with new ways of getting people out of their houses and into movie theaters. Some innovations were merely passing novelties, such as 3-D and Cinerama. Others, such as wide screen and a new, cheaper color process, changed the face of the movies forever.

People have done wonderful things with color over the years – from the subtle cinematography of the GODFATHER films to the simple, cartoonish palette of Warren Beatty’s DICK TRACY. Still, I often mourn the death of black and white, especially in the light of some extraordinary films that were shot in the past few decades.

It is hard to imagine Alfred Hitchcock’s PSYCHO (1961) in color, though stupidly Hollywood remade the film in color in 1998. At the time, Hitchcock was already revered as a superb director and was making his mark on television with ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS. PSYCHO is something of an offshoot of Hitch’s television work, shot quickly on a low budget. It is almost the polar opposite of Hitch’s previous film, NORTH BY NORTHWEST. Where NORTHWEST presented a fun adventure that took us from cornfields in the middle of nowhere to a chase over the face of Mount Rushmore, PSYCHO was a disturbing psychological drama which took place in a motel and a creepy house on a hill. The black and white photography emphasizes the starkness and hopelessness of the circumstances various characters find themselves in. The combination of the choice of black and white plus Bernard Hermann’s minimalist score is just one of the things that made PSYCHO a landmark film. (Cinematographer: John L. Russell, Jr.)

Martin Scorsese, perhaps our most talented director since Hitchcock, filmed his classic RAGING BULL (1980) in black and white. The story of boxer Jake LaMotta, it is a riveting, if not pleasant, film. LaMotta, as played by Robert De Niro, a self-destructive, violent man, who makes his own life and the lives of everybody around him unbearable. Brilliantly, Scorsese uses a touch of color in the film, by showing us some home movies of LaMotta and family. In the color scenes, everybody is smiling and happy, while in the black and white scenes, LaMotta is usually beating or kicking the hell out of somebody or getting pummeled himself in the boxing ring. The contrast is remarkable. The boxing scenes themselves are beautifully composed and filmed.

How to use Twitter to Boost your Business


The everlasting revolution has befallen upon us, whether we like it or not. What started as a small project for the employees regarding the small podcasting company Odeo has taken the entire world by storm, adding more than 500 million followers since its inception in early 2006. The popular social media website and micro-blogging service permits users to post their latest updates in a quick, burst-like fashion of 140 characters or less. It’s basically mass texting via website and it is probably one of the simplest things you certainly will ever do — all you’ll need is a Twitter account and you’re well on your way. Here are some quick steps, pointers, and tidbits to get you up to speed.


To tweet or not to tweet: there is really no question.


This article happens to be updated since it was originally published to reflect changes to the service.


Twitter bird


Sign Up. Go to to sign up. Enter the appropriate information (full name, email and password) on the right-hand side before clicking “subscribe to Twitter.” The website will then invite one to verify the info, choose a username and agree to the Twitter Terms of Service before proceeding.


There will also be a checkbox to keep you signed in on whatever computer you’re using as well as a checkbox for tailoring your tweets based on the websites you visit. Check accordingly!


Grow your Timeline: The entire point of Twitter is to follow and stay followed. So what’s the point if you’re not reading and retweeting the latest gossip from all your friends, colleagues and favorite celebs? Plus, Twitter gives you options of who to adhere to right after signing up so you’ll need not go far.


◾Suggestions. Choose who to adhere to from the dropdown menu of notable celebs like Kanye West and Stephen Colbert or news networks such as CNN as well as the New York Times. Twitter will also provide you with the option to browse a slew of categories from sports to technology.


◾Search. Use the search bar to find anyone the suggestions may have missed—whether they are celebrities, politicians or your just friends. You may even search for individuals to follow through your email accounts (Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL and Hotmail).


Add Character. Once you’re an avid follow, Twitter will ask you to upload an image (maximum size of 700k) and offer a brief, 160-character bio about yourself. The placeholder bio will introduce you as a rocket ship building, pizza tossing, Giants fan with a couple of kids. However, a bio is only suggested, not required.


Tweet. You’re officially a full-fledge Twitter member with a summary of friends and followers, but now it’s time for you join the Tweeter ranks. Just click inside the “Compose new tweet….” box in the upper left-hand corner associated with the home tab or click the blue feather icon into the upper right-hand corner at any time to get started. Then punch in some text, upload an image or set your location. That is the way you improve your Twitter and let people know what you’re up to. Remember, text is strictly limited to 140 characters.


Twitter Pointers. You’ve signed up and tweeted very first thought into the beyond, but what do you do now? Well, it’s time for you learn the finer points on how to connect with your audience and join the global conversation.


◾Hashtags. The hashtag symbol (#) is an excellent option to mark specific topics or keywords in a Tweet. It was created by Twitter users as a way to classify messages and has now since become a cultural phenomenom. All you need to do is place a hashtag in front of a word or phrase in your tweet. Simple as that. Can you say #tigerblood?


◾Mentions @username” anywhere in the body associated with tweet. Place a “@” at the person, business, organization or whatever you want to mention or reply to. A recent change has managed to make it making sure that your replies to someone will likely be seen only by mutual followers if you place their “@username” at the start of your tweet. If you want your followers to see your mentions/replies to someone, set the “@username” during the end of the tweet or put a period in front of the ampersand like this: “.@”.  There is a “Reply” option under tweets to save you precious time.


◾Retweets. A retweet is a way to share another Twitter user’s tweet with all of the followers. It’s going to essentially look the same as normal tweets aided by the author’s name and username next to it, however it will also contain the retweet icon while the name associated with the user who reposted it. Click on the “Retweet” option under a tweet in order to share.


◾Favorites. Adding a tweet as a favorite is similar to liking something on Facebook. It’s an option to let the original poster know you liked their tweet for whatever reason. However, it also gives you an option to save a tweet so you can refer back to it later. Simply click on the star icon with “Favorite” next to it in order to favorite a tweet.


◾Direct Messages. You can send a direct message to people who follow you by clicking the gear icon within the top right and selecting “Direct Messages.” Choose the “New message” icon, type the name or username for the follower you wish to send the message to, enter the message and hit “Send message.” Unlike tweets, direct messages are private and can only be seen by the recipient associated with the message.


◾Mobile Version: Now you can access Twitter right from your smart phone, tablet, or other smart phone. It works in the same vein while the website, however with some slight modifications and restrictions. Plus, the smartphone versions are even equipped to create Instragramesque photos on the road and are also available for both Android and Apple devices.


Random Tidbits. There are a few other things worth mentioning.


◾Try making use of your real information (name, location, etc.) when customizing your Twitter homepage and profile. Doing so may help people find you more easily on Twitter.


◾Change your personal options by clicking the gear icon and selecting the “Settings” option. Here you can change around your private options, picture, bio, password, or virtually any sort of customization you’ve done. You can also make all your tweets private by checking the “Protect my Tweets” option within the settings menu. If selected, only those you approve will get your tweets.


◾You can improve your Twitter username anytime without impacting your existing tweets, replies, direct messages or other data. But be sure to let your followers discover so you’ll continue receiving all of the messages with your new username.


◾Learn how to use shorthand — it’s tough to get a thought out in 140 characters or less — but remember you’re not texting. Don’t make yourself look completely illiterate.


◾Twitter is a great way to share links to cool and interesting stuff you see in the Web, but sometimes those lengthy URLs can eat up your 140-character limit. Get around this problem making use of a handy link shortener like Bitly.


◾Follow and tweet to amass your fanbase. Go the whole nine yards and use in hashtags, mentions, replies, and favorite tweets. If you follow someone, they may be more inclined to adhere to you back. Just don’t spam.


◾Integrate other social networks into the mix. Have a Facebook account? You can link it straight to Twitter so that your tweets automatically post on your own Facebook timeline. Just log in with your Facebook information from the profile tab into the Twitter settings menu.


Tweet Away. That’s basically all you need to know about Twitter in a nutshell. Go ahead and share your deepest secrets with your followers, rejoice if your favorite musician replies to you, or engage in an infamous tweet argument. How to really learn just how to use Twitter is by using Twitter. Take a look at Twitter Help Center for more information.


Do you’ll need a little clarification or are you particularly perplexed about how to use Twitter’s various aspects? Let us know in the comments below.



Boost Your Business With Social Media Marketing

With the rise in popularity of social websites, it can be not surprising why social media marketing has become quite popular and efficient. When you know how to use this process properly, you will observe your products or services, support, or business flourishing in to time. Look at the adhering to post to acquire valuable social networking information.

Develop high quality articles focused for social media. Should you be just carelessly flinging words and phrases, advertising and marketing or numerous mundane snippets at your buyers, then you certainly are wasting your some time and losing their business. Be as concerned with your sociable articles offerings as you are for the articles in your enterprise internet site.
Read the regards to support of every social media marketing website you will be making a account on. Be sure that know the rules of the website you will be making a account on, normally your user profile could possibly be deleted and your perseverance will likely be removed. Some websites do not let internet affiliate back links so are aware of the site’s policies before beginning.

Respond to questions and response to responses on social networking internet sites. You’ll would like to keep very active and continuously verify if someone has directed you with a remark. Also, weblink this approximately your e mail to find out once you get something new. Take into account that anything you publish gets to be open public knowledge.

Make special deals which are only at your social media marketing internet sites to tempt your clients to come to them. If your consumers could get a unique offer which is not available at some other spot, they may probably be more conscious of your campaign and spread the phrase so that you get free promoting.

Social media advertising and marketing is fairly new. You should try publishing diverse sort of information and adhering to new styles. Keep track of how curious your viewers looks and stop employing tactics which do not work effectively. It is possible to build up profitable tactics using a procedure for experimentation.

Use RSS feeds. All of these individuals to subscribe to your give and have the posts go into their Yahoo and google Reader bank account after your rss feeds are released. This makes your content available in a fairly easy-to-entry technique for your customers. Have the switch to register easy to establish, hence the entire method requires no energy by these browsing your blog.

Try out to pay attention to what men and women want when you find yourself advertising via social media marketing. In the industry planet, it’s essential to remember that for every one customer who feels a certain way, you will find 5 much more who have the same, but they just haven’t talked up. Tell them which you hear them and treatment.

Pick the snippet you publish to Facebook about new articles carefully. You need to produce a fascinating head line or phrase or two concerning the new content material. When what you article is appealing, it provides more supporters. It can do this due to the fact people who currently adhere to you or have “loved” you on Facebook or twitter are often more willing to talk about your weblink using their close friends.

As was explained at first of the article, social networking has developed into a well-known method to market a product, service or enterprise. Through taking the ideas how the previously mentioned write-up has provided to you, you will find your revenue growing a growing number of every single day.